Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

So good news... We finally got our car back! Yay! No more being stuck inside or walking. We got it back about midway through this week. It had been taken away because our mission president felt it was too dangerous to be driving on the roads in this condition, which he wasn't wrong. There was ice everywhere and the snow banks were so high you couldn't see cars coming from around the corner. So he waited until Wednesday to give us our cars back. Which by the way, the best way to make sure Spanish missionaries can't do a thing is take away their car. Seriously! When me and Elder Justesen didn't have it, we couldn't do anything because 1. All of our investigators live at least an hour away walking, and 2. The roads were too bad that we couldn't even walk on them. So that basically shut us down until we got our car back.

THEN, we get our car back and get back to work. On Thursday, we had an awesome lesson with our family of investigators. Their name is the Quispes, I think I've already told you guys about them. Anyways, we had a great lesson with them. I was able to introduce Elder Justesen and get them aquatinted and also do the whole chit chat thing to get to know someone and also small talk at the beginning, the usual. Then we get to the lesson. So before Elder Castillo had left, we left them 3 Nefi 11 to read, however I had forgotten that we left that. My plan was to talk to them about church attendance and hopefully get onto the topic of baptism. Well, after Hno Quispe tells us he didn't read and that he wants us to read together, and I'm like "alright!" Cause if you don't know, practically the entire chapter talks about baptism. Baptism was the first principle that Jesus Christ taught when he came to the Americas. So I made sure to stress this point and I wanted them to feel that it was correct. So the way to do that is through prayer, however, I didn't know if they were going to pray about it or not, so I invited them to pray right there and then. We kneel down to pray and ask Hno Quispe to offer it. Afterwards, they didn't know what they were feeling. They compared it to the feeling of peace they had from when me and Elder Castillo gave them blessings. I seriously wanted to stand up and shout THATS THE HOLY GHOST TELLING YOU ITS TRUE!! But I didn't, I did it in a more subtle way. Either way, they felt the spirit and they enjoyed it. So now they are super close to baptism and there are just a few more things we really need to uncover in order to get them in the water. Thankfully I'm here for one more transfer and I want them to be baptized before I leave. They even went as far as to ask us if we could come by twice a week. Umm of course! They really want to learn more about the gospel and I love their enthusiasm. Why can't everybody want to know the truth like these guys?!

So that's been the highlight of my week!

Elder Biehn