Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Hey everybody!

So I had a great week this time around! It started off a bit rocky because we got snowed in again, not nearly as bad as before but still we couldn't do anything. It didn't even snow for very long, just in the morning until the afternoon so there wasn't a ton of snow. However, apparently there is this thing called frozen rain. Basically it is so cold that when it rains, the water instantly freezes once it hits the ground. Well it was raining, and that means there was ice, lots of ice, everywhere. We couldn't walk, let alone proselyte. I ended up falling flat on my butt because I'm not used to walking on ice . Elder Justesen fell too so that made me feel a little better and not like a total Californian... So we spent that whole night inside, which really threw a wrench in our plans. 

But there is good news! After all we did this week and doing a ton of finding, we ended up finding a totally of 9 new investigators! That's a crazy amount! And the best part is, they're all families! We found three new families that we will be able to start teaching which gives us a crazy huge teaching pool. I love it when things work out .

Another interesting story, I now know why it is not a good idea to do trios. A trio is when there are three missionaries working together, and I got to be in one on Wednesday. Our district leader had an exchange he was going on, so that means Elder Pickett had to come to us for that day. Well, we had a blast to say the least, and if trios were a common thing, almost nothing would get done! We were still able to get a bit accomplished though, but most of our night fell through. So we were just cracking jokes the entire time we were driving from appointment to appointment. 

So I had a really good week and it looks like things are starting to wrap up. This upcoming week is the last full week in this transfer, then transfers are the following Thursday. I've been here for 6 months now and I'm expecting a transfer pretty soon. I've really come to love this ward, its members, and all of my investigators. It has really grown on me. And even now I know Springfield and Annandale like the back of my hand! 

Love you guys and you'll hear from me next week!

Love Elder Biehn 

Tayler at a Naval Base on P-day.