Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Well this past week was really hectic, to say the least. The biggest reason is because of transfer meetings. Those are always crazy. But this even more so because our dear mission president, President Riggs is leaving and the new mission president, President Huntsman, is coming in. We haven't actually met him yet, but my zone will have the chance to this Friday on July 3rd. Also, my old companion and trainer, Elder Oran, got transferred. So currently, I'm in the same area and still working in Arlington. My companion now is Elder Hernandez. He was in my district before but one of the areas in our ward got shut down because our mission is downsizing. There used to be two sets of elders in our district but now there is just one. His companion finished his mission and went home and my companion went to a different area. So they just stuck us together and we both stayed. At least I don't have to get to know someone completely new now. Right now I'm leading the area which means that I have to do a lot of the planning and setting things up since my new companion doesn't know the people in this area. It's hard work, that's for sure. I've had to really step up because the past 3 months has been just me taking a back seat while Elder Oran would do a lot of the planning. Now I'm the one having to talk to everybody, in Spanish, and set up appointments.

Honestly, I'm really surprised at how much I’m actually able to do. Before, I wasn't able to comprehend or really talk in lessons or over the phone, but now I'm able to take charge and lead the conversation. It really is true that when the necessity arises, all you need to do is put forth your best and God will cover the rest.

One such occasion was this past Sunday. I never realized quite how stressful Sunday's actually were for missionaries until having to lead
the area. For example, this Hermana in the ward called us and said she could pick up our family of investigators we had coming so I was really relaxed and thinking, "This will be great." No. She calls back later and tells us she can't do it today but she can for next week. So I scramble really fast and get a Hermano in the ward to go pick them up but the problem is that he has to get gas in his car. Ok not that big of a problem and an easy fix. So I thank him and head to church. I call our family to tell them that the Hermano is picking them up but they don't answer. I just think, "Alright they'll find out that he will pick them up when he gets there." Then the same Hermana calls back and says that she can pick them up today, but it is next week that she can't pick them up. Ugh! I call back that Hermano in the ward and reschedule it for next week. Then the family calls me and tells me that they can't come because they are sick from food poisoning. Uhh...

So I call back the Hermana and cancel the ride. And I was doing all this while trying to prepare for my talk I had during sacrament. Yes, I had to speak in sacrament meeting as well that day. The topic was Gordon B Hickley’s talk in General Conference of 2007 on "slow to anger." Ironic, isn't it? So sacrament starts and we get through the announcements, then my investigator that got baptized last week was getting confirmed. So I had to do the confirmation in front of the whole congregation then give my talk after the sacrament. It was a crazy day but I finally got to relax once sacrament meeting was over. That was the hard part.

Sorry for such a long letter but it really was a crazy week for me. Anyways, I could really feel God's hand guiding me and helping me along the way. I definitely would not have been able to do that on my own.

I love you all and you will hear from me next week.

Elder Biehn

My district before the transfer: 
Hermana Christensen, Hermana Tate, Hermana Christensen (yes there are two), Hermana Moberly, ME, Elder Oran, Elder Hernandez (my new companion), and Elder Milner