Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Hey guys!

Man, do I have a story for you! A lot of good has happened this past week and I truly feel that Heavenly Father guides us to where we need to be right when we need to be there. On Tuesday, one of our appointments fell through so we had an extra 30 minutes before our next appointment. We had the impression to go visit a member of the ward, which we had originally planned for if we had time. Normally 30 minutes isn't enough time to do anything but I felt like we had to so we did. We call him up and ask if we can visit, of course he says yes. We get there and we start having a good conversation but then he asks if we have some extra time. Apparently, one of his neighbors needs help to take things out to the trash. His neighbor had been having a lot of health issues lately and just barely got out of the hospital, so she was on bed rest. He tells us he wants to give her a blessing but needs help because he hasn't given one before (he is a convert for two years). Of course we agree and we ask her if she has faith in God and in His son, Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong at that point as she struggles to explain that she knows there is something greater than us but she knows he can help. We proceed to the blessing and it is me and the member that are doing it. He gives such a strong blessing and afterwards she wants us to come back again because she felt that there was something different about us. She was the reason that we had 30 extra minutes that day.

Right before that happened, we had a lesson with our current investigator and we brought a recent convert with us. He brought with him his little sister that isn't a member. We had an awesome lesson about baptism with everyone participating and our investigator committed to be baptized on June 20th! So overall, that was a great day.

Yesterday was a miracle as well. So I woke up early and decided to make myself French toast for breakfast. You have to understand that this is monumental moment because I've been eating cold cereal for breakfast every morning for the past 2 months. It turned out great, thank you mom and dad for teaching me how to cook. After I had the thought nothing can ruin my day, I had French toast this morning. Honestly, yesterday should have been really discouraging because we hadn't taught anyone because all our appointments fell through and no one was opening the door. Then on our last door we were going to knock before going home, they let us in. There was a whole family! And they were excited to see us because they had listened to the missionaries before but both of them got transferred out so no one else came to visit. This family was awesome, they were just soaking it all up. We had a great lesson on the Book of Mormon, prophets, Joseph Smith, and prayer. Of course they had the standard objections to the restoration but we were able to answer it with scriptures and truly testifying of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. And now we have a return appointment scheduled for next week and they invited us to come by whenever we need something. This family has so much potential I will be shocked if they don't get baptized. So after our day of failure, we end up finding 5 new investigators at once. That was the reason we didn't have any other lessons and were prompted to go to that street to tract.

I know that God works miracles among His children and he prepares them to receive the Gospel. When they're ready, often times they will run into us. When I say us, I don't just mean the missionaries, I mean every member of the church. You never know what people you will have an effect on. Often times, if we talk to a person they almost always have a friend that is Mormon or somehow know a Mormon. That is the way we, as missionaries, are able to get into people's homes and teach them.

I love all of you and be sure to do your part in spreading the Gospel. 

Elder Biehn