Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Hey everybody!

This week we had some recent changes come to us from the missionary department. We had a world-wide mission broadcast happen this past Wednesday where we received training from the mission board which consists of Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar, Elder Anderson, and a few other people. So after about 2 hours of awesome training for us as missionaries they made the announcement that they are changing the missionary schedule effective immediately. So in the mornings we no longer study for 2-3 hours straight. Instead we have our planning session in the morning at 8:30, we do personal study at 9, and right at 10 we are out the door proselyting. Then any time during the afternoon we can come back for companion study and language study. This is supposed to help us be more productive throughout the day because let's face it, no one is home in the afternoons. So that's one change.

Another big change is for our P-Day. If you noticed, this email came really early today. A lot earlier then I normally send them. That's because we get an additional 2 hours of P-Day in the morning! I'm sure all the missionaries around the world cheered when they made this announcement. It definitely it a help because P-Days are always so stressful because we have so little time to enjoy. Too bad this came literally on the last 2 P-Days I'm going to have. But oh well, I can still enjoy it.

The last change probably wouldn't sound too big for anybody else but it is HUGE for missionaries. They cut down the number of key indications we had from 9 to 4. We only are going to report on people baptized and confirmed, people on date, investigators at church, and new investigators found. I can see that this is really going to help missionaries be more focused on teaching repentance and baptizing converts which has been our theme ever since January 2016. It'll put more emphasis and finding new people and getting them to church and teaching about baptism. It'll be a great step forward.

Speaking of new investigators, me and Elder Malmstrom found 3 new investigators this week! It was pretty great because we haven't had a ton of success in finding new people to teach recently. But it is starting to pick up! The English class that we are teaching is also helping a ton. It is getting us in contact with a bunch of people and from there we can introduce them to the gospel. So far we've gotten two people to agree to listen to the message and there are a total of 20 people in our class. Pretty good right? Everyone in the Ward is super impressed by the success we have been having.

Speaking of the English class, we had a couple of guys from Iran show up to our class. So I had no idea how to teach them because I only speak English and Spanish. I don't speak Prussian.  But it wasn't too bad. Thankfully they already know some English so what little they did know I was able to communicate to them and they could learn from what we wrote on the board.

Well that's about it for this week! It's been a good week. And next week will be my last full week as a missionary. Still not sure about how I feel yet. I'll probably let you know next P-Day. It'll be more real then. But until then love you guys and the church is true!

Elder Biehn
My Christmas apron

We got these super awesome aprons for Christmas so I decided to make some hash browns. I know I probably didn't need an apron for that, I just wanted an excuse to use it.

Here's the crew. The other two missionaries are the English elders that are in our Ward with us. We are together basically every single day, haha.
The Crew