Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

 Hey guys!

This is when it first started snowing
Winter has finally started for me. It's been getting colder gradually but this past week it finally plummeted. At the beginning of the week it finally snowed, which was pretty late for Virginia. But then it just kept getting colder. Today the low is going to be about 12. Granted that's not as cold as North Dakota (shout out to my cousin out there shoveling snow for everyone) but it's still pretty dang cold. I really had to get bundled up this week and it was weird because we would be outside and we were literally the only ones walking around. Now the cold did help to get us in a few doors because they would say, "Just come in, it's too cold out there." So that was an actual perk. It helped us get a new investigator too! As we were knocking  doors, this one woman let us in and after talking a little bit we found out that she was in the process of looking for the true church. She had had enough of churches because they all teach different things and basically she thought they were all corrupt. Needless to say we taught her about the apostasy and the Restoration, so we are stopping by later this week to check up on her.

Then it got cold
Hmm I can't really think of anything else cool that really happened. We went to the outskirts of our area where there is literally nothing but forest and then a random town in the middle of it. It was kind of a slow week.

BUT we did have an awesome experience with a part member family! So the English elders in one of the neighboring wards asked us to come along to a dinner with one of their recent converts. They needed our help because their recent convert and his wife were from the Dominican Republic and she only spoke Spanish and no English at all. So it was a really cool opportunity to go and teach them because he had the opportunity to share his testimony and this was really her first real involvement with the church since the other elders only ever taught in English.

So yeah, that's a basic summary of my week. We also had our first ever multizone conference, which just so happens to be my last zone conference.

Love you guys and talk to you next week!

Elder Biehn