Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Hey everybody,

So this is going to be kind of a long letter. I had an amazingly awesome week. First of all, this letter is a little late because we just got back from going to the temple. It was the one day the temple is open on a P-Day so we decided to go. Apparently a ton of missionaries thought to do the same thing so there were so many missionaries in the temple.

Elder Mitchell Wach from the DC North Mission
Now the highlight of the week. Probably a highlight of my mission. Actually even the experience of a lifetime. We had a combined mission conference with the D.C. North mission and we had 4 70s that are assigned to the area and even Elder Rasband and Elder Ballard come. Thats right WE HAD TWO APOSTLES COME TO VISIT THE MISSION. It was so awesome.

This was crazy because the 2 missions never interact. And I mean NEVER. But was a great experience because I got to see one of my friends that is serving in the D.C. north mission. It was probably the one and only time I will see him.

It was awesome being able to hear the apostles speak up close and personal. We even had the chance to shake Elder Ballard hand! It really helped to make them seem more human and not these far off people that I see on tv and never meet. Now I can say I've met two of them!

Their talks were amazing as well. Totally not prepared and they just went off of the spirit. I got so many good notes on what they talked on. They talked a lot about the power we have as missionaries and how our desires affect our successfulness. They both used the scripture about how the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. And also how our joy will be great if we bring even one soul unto God. If we want to find the most joy then we need to be focused on God's purpose which is to bring more people into the gospel. That's all D&C 14, 15, 16 and 18 talks about. Now I understand how someone can be so committed to the work of Salvation like the apostles are. It's because they found how to align their will with Gods will to bring in souls.

It was such an awesome week and I'm super excited to keep going for these last 3 weeks. We got a promise from Elder Ballard that if we can talk to 10 people a day we can double the number of baptisms we have in this mission. We have someone that is getting really close and it could potentially be my last baptism before coming home.

Love you guys!

Elder Biehn

I'm behind Elder Ballard in the second row of Elders