Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016 Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Hey everybody!

So I forgot to mention in my last email that we had transfers coming up this past Thursday. So I've got good news and bad news. Bad news is Elder Coburn got transferred out and now I'm out of Arlington. Good news however is that I'm back in Falls Church and IM TRAINING! That's right I got my very own greenie to take care of. Well, actually, it's more like he's taking care of me! His name is Elder Walker and he is from Sandy, Utah. Another one from the factory as all the members out here in Virginia say. He already knows so much that there is hardly anything I really have to train him on. Just how to adjust to mission life in the field (because as we all know that the MTC is WAY different than the real world) and helping him to improve the way that he teaches. Other than that he's got basically all the doctrine memorized and he's good to go.

So here's a district photo we took on our last district meeting of the transfer. This was before everyone got switched around but after Elder Cottle went home, so he isn't in it  but he already had his surgery and is doing great! Just waiting on the recovery time so he can make back out to the mission field by next transfer.
From Left to Right: Hermana Bliss, Hermana Harley, Elder Thompson, Elder Coburn, and Me.
So what happened with transfers is Hermana Bliss and Elder Coburn got transferred out. Elder Thompson got his second companion and me and Hermana Harley are both training right now. (Don't worry pictures will come)

So my second day with Elder Walker was kinda a weird one for him but not really for me. The daughter of my not so recent recent convert just turn 15, and you know what that means in Hispanic culture. ¡QUINCEAÑERA! 

So that's what Elder Walker looks like. It was pretty cool! Lots of people were there and there was some great food. Not to mention it was a great chance for Elder Walker to start to meet people within the Ward.

I would say it's been a pretty eventful week. Lots of stuff happened but things are going good right now. Me and all the other Elders will be going into DC today and so more pictures to come. But isn't that an awesome first P-Day for Elder Walker?? Being able to go to DC!

Love you guys so much!  You'll hear from me next week.

Elder Biehn