Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

This past week was REALLY long. Not in a bad way though, it just seemed to drag and it is finally P-day again. I'm looking back on the week and it seems like it was forever ago. But it was actually a really productive week, I would say. General Conference was awesome, at least the parts I understood were. Yes, I had to watch it in Spanish. I only was able to watch one session in English and that was actually the most I got out of the whole thing. So, my plan is to re-watch the whole thing in ENGLISH so that way I get more out of it. I could understand it perfectly fine in Spanish, it's just that things don't really connect like they should.

As a missionary, we have the option to either watch conference at the church building or with members. We decided to watch it with members and we were able to visit 4 different families because of it. One for each session. The Sunday morning one was especially great because not only did they feed us lunch (conference goes from 12-2 and 4-6), but the whole family speaks English! So that was the one session I got to watch in English. And to make it better, the entire house is Cowboys fans!  So there is something I DEFINITELY can connect on, haha. I was talking to the dad, a non-member, about how the Cowboys are doing and basically having an awesome sports talk. Elder Bernay had no idea what I was talking about, and neither did this guy’s wife and daughters. They kind of just left us off to the side to talk. It was pretty funny because they said we were talking a different language.

So, earlier in the week was crazy as well. We had to take our car in to get repairs on Monday because some previous elders had gotten into an accident before. Nothing too serious, just a fender bender but it still needed to be fixed. They told us that it was going to take at least 5 days to fix, so me and Elder Bernay were pretty bummed because now we couldn't do hardly any work. If we wanted to, we would have to walk. And pretty much everything and everybody is at least an hour way by walking. It wasn't looking too promising. Well, on Tuesday, I went on an exchange with Elder Peterson, one of my zone leaders, and he came here to my area. Well without a car we didn't have much to do, so we said a prayer to ask Heavenly Father to help us remain productive and still be able to work, even without a car. Then, we begin walking. After about 45 minutes, we get a call from Elder Lowe, a senior missionary who is in charge of the cars. He tells us the car is fixed and ready to be picked up. That was definitely a miracle in every sense because not only did they finish it within a day when they said it would take 5, but also they finished it just in time for a huge rain storm that hit. We got our car back right before it started pouring rain and we were able to get some real work done.

It's getting colder here. It is in the low 50's now on average and showers here and there. I've had to wear a jacket every day this week, so now it's time to start busting out my winter gear! Only a few things though, like sweaters and jackets. It's funny, me and Elder Bernay are both from California so we are totally used to the heat, but Elder Bernay has absolutely no cold resistance at all. The way he is dressing right now makes it seem like he is about to go face a blizzard. And it hasn't even started snowing yet! I'm super excited for winter because I love the cold and I'll finally be able to have a white winter!

Love you guys and you'll hear from me next week

Elder Biehn