Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Hey everybody!

This past week was a very productive week! Not necessarily missionary wise but at the same time it was. Let me explain. Remember how I said that this ward needs help? Well we definitely were giving it this past week. We started doing a ton of work with the members and the leadership within the ward to help it get kick started. Our emphasis right now is with the young men because they are the future of the church and a lot of them aren't planning to go on missions. So we decided that they are top priority. We developed a plan and shared it with the leadership of the young men, then yesterday we put it into effect and that is what we will be doing for this next upcoming week and the weeks to follow. Now, the reason this isn't really mission related is because it doesn't count towards our key indicators. Our key indicators is our numbers that we report, which we count based off of how many lessons we had during the week. Unfortunately, member work isn't one of the key indicators, so even though we have a lot of lessons with members, none of it counts towards the numbers. However, what we are doing is productive to the missionary work because it does two things. It helps prepare the members to start doing more missionary work and working more unified as a ward. This in turn will bless the future missionaries that work with this ward. This also makes it WAY easier to get investigators to church and help them to keep coming to church. They can see the way a ward operates and we want to give the best impression possible.

Speaking of investigators, one of our new investigators we found is progressing! He is actually doing the things we invited him to do, like pray and read from the Book of Mormon. He even took it a step further and shared the things he learns from reading and what we teach him to his wife and kids. Now his whole family is interested and we are planning to meet with all of them together some time this week. We want to do a baptismal invite and hopefully get him on date, which is HUGE! I'm so excited about these guys, they have so much potential and it is great to see our hard work beginning to pay off.

Another really cool thing that happened this past week was that my dad was able to help the missionary work. He gave me a referral for one of his friends that just so happens to be living in my area I'm in right now. It was awesome to be able to connect with him and he even invited us back next week. This could not have worked out better because the timing was perfect.

Well, that's a recap of what I did this week. Hopefully this next week will be even better and I can have more success in this area. Love you guys and talk to you next week!

Elder Biehn