Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Hey guys,

First off I want to say sorry about there not being a letter last week. For some reason my iPad not only didn't send it but also erased the whole thing, so I couldn't have resent it even if I wanted to. And by the time I figured out it didn't send, it was already half way through the week. So the basically what the letter last week said was that "I had a baptism!" Yeah, my iPad chose a TERRIBLE time to not work.  But anyways, the baptism was awesome. It was one of my past investigators from when I was serving in the Bella Vista ward in Arlington. My investigator and her brother and sister were hands down my favorite family that I worked with when I was there. Her brother has been a member for over a year now and we were teaching his sisters and it was going really well. They were going to church, we had a great relationship with them, and they had a ton of support from the ward. The only problem was her situation with the rest of her family. They aren't too fond of us Mormons so it honestly looked like she was never going to be able to get baptized, otherwise it would make a big impact on the family. However, thankfully she is trusting in the Lord and decided to go through with it, despite what may arise. So she was baptized last week, and I was SO excited. You have no idea how happy I was to be able to go back to Bella Vista and see all the people from the ward, all of my friends. The best part was that no one was expecting me to come, so they all lit up when they saw me, especially my investigator and her family. It feels great to be remembered and see that I really did make an impact on these people’s lives. They keep telling me that they miss me and are just waiting for the time when I come back to Bella Vista. Hopefully that is soon.

As for this week, nothing too spectacular. We did have a Chalra Fogonera (Fireside) where all the recent converts can go to and a few are chosen to bare their testimony. It's always a great meeting because not only do we get to see past converts, members, and investigators, but all the missionaries are there too! Basically, it's a giant Spanish program reunion with a ton of people from past wards.

We did have some success missionary work wise. Right now it has been pretty slow with this whole area, nothing seems to be catching on. But, I have an investigator right now that has a ton of potential. We just barely had a super awesome lesson where we basically re-established what the apostasy was because she didn't understand why she needed to be baptized again. Essentially, we recovered the entire Book of Mormon and where it came from. She knows the Bible REALLY well and she wondered why it doesn't talk about Joseph Smith, Moroni, or any of the other things we have taught her. Well, after a quick history lesson about Jesus's death and all the apostles, then the Nicene Creed, the reformation, the pilgrims, and eventually to Joseph Smith again, she was SUPER excited to read the Book of Mormon. She could hardly wait for us to leave her house so she could start reading! 

So that's that! Another week down as well as closing up the month. Yesterday was my 8 month mark and it's crazy to think exactly how long 8 months is. It is a very, very, long time. And 2 years is even longer. 

Anyways, Love you all!
Elder Biehn