Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Hey everybody!

This past week marked a big spot for me in my mission. That's right, I've been out for 6 months now! I was even able to do the traditional burning a tie the day of my 6 month mark. These months have gone by pretty fast I must say. I remember back when I was writing in the CCM and I had 6 weeks there. I thought I was the big shot veteran that knew everything there. Haha Nope. I am just barely considered experienced now in the mission field. Honestly, I hope that the months go by quickly just like these past 6 months, but at the same time I don't because I want to enjoy my mission. My companion right now, Elder Mortimer, only has 2 months before he goes home and then my District Leader is going home in 3 weeks. So they are, as we call it, "trunky." Which mean they are ready to go home and it's always on their mind. It sucks because since they are so trunky it's rubbing off on me but I still have a year and a half!

Nothing really too new in our area as of now. We had a finding fest about a week ago where we spent the whole day finding new investigators. Well, we found some, and taught them, but now they dropped off the face of the Earth! For some reason we can't find a single one of them again.

Me and Elder Mortimer did have a neat experience but not gospel related at all. As we were pulling into a shell station to get gas we saw a........ Race Car! A legit one too that races in NASCAR. I don't know why he was stopped in Herndon because there isn't anything in Herndon at all. He had his truck and pulled out the car to show it off and everything. They even had a BBQ going and a DJ playing music. It was really cool to see. Not something you get too often.  Then the same day we had a dinner appointment with a member family. Her husband wasn't home so we had to sit outside and eat which wasn't all that bad because it was a nice day. Well, she brings us our food and we eat and everything is going good. As we finish she starts taking our plates and goes inside. I was readjusting in my chair when a nail was sticking out of it and caught my pants. I hear it tear and I just sat there, and whispered, "oh no." I look and there is a big hole right on the back of my pants. Luckily it was on the pocket so nothing was showing but it was stills big freaking hole running down my pocket. Best part is the Hermana comes back and notices me looking at it. "¿Se rompiĆ³ sus pantalones?" (Did you rip your pants?). I tried playing it off but she caught me. She felt so bad about it because it was her chair that did it. She even went as far as to say she is going to do a fundraiser in the ward to buy me a new pair of pants. Hahahah. Just hilarious.

Well that was the extent of my week. We are still trying to remind those investigators and I'm short a pair of pants now. Life of a missionary. You encounter some pretty strange things. Love you guys!

Love Elder Biehn