Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

This past week was surprisingly really good! A definite change from how it has been going for the past weeks. Me and Elder Mortimer were actually able to get lessons in with new investigators and not just the normal people we visit. I was definitely surprised to see that, in fact we only got shut out once this week. Not ideal, but definitely an improvement from the week before.

For example, this past Saturday we had a zone wide finding fest. This was a chance for all the missionaries that work in the Oakton stake to get together in the morning to have a quick testimony meeting and really get people fired up about teaching, then committing the whole day to nothing but finding. At first I wasn't looking forward to it because this entire past week had already been a lot of finding for me and Elder Mortimer, but after testimonies, I changed my mind. It did its job. So, then we decide to go work an area that we were already planning on visiting, but after about an hour we had no luck at all. We hadn't even seen any Hispanics the entire time we were there, which is strange for the area we were in. The first one we saw, he was grilling, so we went and talked to him. We nearly put out his coals but we were able to get a return appointment for next week. We left that area then went to another where we had a lot of potential investigators. The first house we try, a young man opens up and we have a discussion about Jesus. After a little bit of talking, he lets us in. As I go in, I look around and find a restoration pamphlet. Perfect! We capitalized on the opportunity and got talking about the restoration. This guy had some really good questions that he was asking as well. Not the normal investigator questions you get when explaining the restoration but legit questions that takes a bit of thought to come up with. I was pleasantly surprised. To say the least we have a new investigator. Then a couple days later, we decide to go to the same area and meet with another person we had found earlier in the week. As we are walking, the same guy was sitting on the porch talking with a friend. We were thinking, "Well, we have to go talk to him otherwise it's just going to be awkward to pass by." So that's what we did. We met his friend and talked and tried to get to know him. Then, we did the transition from talking to teaching and introduced the Book of Mormon. As I was explaining, another one of his friends is getting home from soccer so he joins in on the lesson too. I think they really enjoyed talking with us because they seemed interested in the Book of Mormon. Either that or they were just surprised to see two gringos speaking in perfect Spanish. It was probably a combination of the two.

Oh, funny story. So we had a dinner appointment set with a member and we go. Well, she decided that she wanted to cook spaghetti for us. When I saw it, I thought to myself, "Oh no." Every time I eat spaghetti, without fail, it always seems to spill on me. This time was no exception. As I was eating the last few bits of my noodles (still clean at this point, no spills), one of the noodles decides to whip around and spread the runny sauce all across my white shirt. Ugh! Every time... And it was toward the end too! I thought I was in the clear! But nope. So now I've got spaghetti sauce across my shirt and I did my best to clean it up but it was still all over, and now we had to make the long walk back to our car. I tell Elder Mortimer we need head back to the apartment and do a shirt change. Apparently he got some spaghetti sauce on himself too. Haha. ¡Comiendo spaghetti esta peligroso! (Eating spaghetti is dangerous).

So thankfully this area is starting to pick up. It just took a little bit of work to get it kick started. I look at those first two weeks as a learning opportunity because my last area was amazing. It was a great place to start my mission in because there are always lessons and members willing to help. Coming here helped me to realize what missionary work is. And it isn't easy. It makes me think of a quote by Jeffery R. Holland, "Missionary work isn't easy because SALVATION IS NOT EASY." Imagine Elder Holland saying that in his big commanding voice. Yeah... It's like getting smacked in the face by the spirit.

Thank you guys so much for your love and support. Talk to you all later!

Elder Biehn

P.S. Here is my address for the apartment I'm in since I've had some people ask me for it.

13022 Weeping Cherry Walk #204
Herndon VA 20171