Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Hey everyone!
Fire alarm in the middle of studies!

This has been a very strange week for me, including this morning. We had the fire alarm go off right in the middle of studies. So we all had to go outside and it wasn't fun considering it was like 30 degrees. To say the least, we weren't too happy.

BUT it was a pretty fun week. We had our Ward Christmas party on Friday and then a Charla Fogonera (fireside) yesterday. I enjoyed the Ward party because of course they had good food there, but then also it was a good chance to talk with the members. We had a lot of the less actives that we are working with show up to it along with one of our investigators, so that was super awesome. We also had Santa there but I forgot to take a picture with him.  Sorry!

As for the Charla, it was ok. There weren't a ton of people there but what was good is that I got to go and we had our investigators go as well. What was also nice was that this is Elder Justesen's last Charla because he goes home in less than two weeks. So it was good to see him again before he heads out.

Last but certainly not least, I had the opportunity to interview one of the investigators of the Hermanas in my district for baptism. She passed and what's awesome is that she is going to be getting baptized on the 24th, Christmas Eve! And even more awesome is that she asked me to baptize her! So we are going to be having a white Christmas! (It doesn't look like it's going to snow before Christmas but that's ok, this is SOOO much better!)

Love you guys and I'll talk to you next week! And MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'm looking forward to being able to talk to my family this Sunday. It'll be the last time on my mission! Crazy how fast it's gone by.


Elder Biehn