Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Hey everybody,

Well, this past Thursday I was transferred. Surprise, surprise! I was definitely not expecting that, especially since I had only been there for a month and a half. Normally, missionaries stay in an area for three transfers, which is about 4 1/2 months. But I was only there for one. Honestly, I was kind of upset about that because I was just starting to get some good relationships with the members. The families that were there were so awesome and they all loved the missionaries. And me and Elder Mortimer were getting along great! Now I'm going to have to restart and get to know the whole ward and know the area, but that's a part of transfers. I do know that there is some reason I need to be here though, I just don't know what it is yet. So, hopefully I'll be able to figure that out soon enough.

So yet another interesting story. The day of transfers, one of the families wanted to take me and Elder Mortimer out to breakfast. As we are waiting some dude comes up and asks us if we talk about God. So I start talking to him and he seemed promising at first, but then an hour passes by and it is still dragging on. By that time everyone had finished eating and my food was just sitting there and was cold because I was the one talking to the guy. Elder Mortimer just sat behind me eating while I was talking! Anyways, by this time the family had to leave so they got up and left and we went with them, and TRIED to get rid of the guy because he wasn't going anywhere. Well we go outside and are talking to the family since we were interrupted before, and here comes that guy again! The family just bails and gets out of there. Apparently this guy wasn't done with us yet and wanted to keep going. And this guy was nuts! While we were inside, he was talking about how life isn't about the money and pulls out two $5000 stacks of $100 dollar bills. All of our mouths dropped because not only was he carrying $10,000 dollars in cash on him, he pulled it out in front of everybody! Then when we were outside, we were getting into it and starting to argue. Elder Mortimer hopped in the car and I was outside trying to back him up, but this guy wouldn't leave. He started calling us liars and he went and stood behind the car so we couldn't leave and go lie to more people. I was furious at this point! And Elder Mortimer told me afterward that he was sitting in the car just so he watch me tear this guy apart. But then he decided that it WOULDN'T be a good idea for me to kill someone (which I was very close too), so he gets out to help me. Turns out the guy only read the book of revelations and nothing else. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Once he said that, oh man he was done for. He says, "Oh maybe I've been lying to you. Maybe I'm the one who's confused." No kidding dude. Gosh Herndon is full of nut jobs, that's one thing I won't miss.

So now that I'm here in Springfield, my new companions name is Elder Bernay. He's been out for about a year and a half now and he is from San Diego, California. So we have the same state in common. Right now I'm just trying to get to know the guy, so hopefully everything goes well.

Love you guys and talk to you next week!

Elder Biehn