Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 12, 2015 - Week 2

Another week has come on gone and it is starting to get easier here.  I'm falling into a routine and that is making the amount of work I'm doing bearable.  I am seriously scheduled for every minute of the day, even bed time.  I work 16 hour days with maybe 10 minutes of free time, not including meals. So P-Days really are a blessing because we can do whatever we want to do for that day.  But the day after is terrible. It's called the P-Day blues.  I guess the weeks aren't so bad.  I have a couple hours of classroom instruction with a teacher in the morning and afternoon, then the rest is all just study time.  It was a rough schedule at first but now I've figured out how to manage it, which is good. 

The day after P-Day did have a plus side.  One of the Hermanas was feeling sick and asked us to give her a blessing.  I was the one who did it and it felt so cool to be able to give her a blessing and use my priesthood power already.  It was even better to see her back to her old self the very next day. 
Mexico City Temple

Speaking of P-Day, I was able to go to the Mexico City Temple today and wow it is beautiful (I'll include a picture).  I didn't get to go inside because its under renovations until fall but it was still great. 

I also had to get my hair cut today. Do NOT get a hair cut in the MTC.  The lady destroyed my hair.  When I walked into the computer lab some of the Hermanas in my district looked at me weird. Of course they tried to take it back and say "No, it looks great!" but I´m not buying it. 
Freak Rain Storm

Something crazy happened on Tuesday.  After the devotional we have every Tuesday all the districts have a district meeting to discuss about it.  Well mid way through ours it begins to rain lightly. No big deal, right? WRONG. About 15 minutes after it starts it starts to pour down like I have never seen before.  The wind picks up and then it begins hailing.  Lighting is cracking directly over our heads (dont worry, we were all inside) and the wind is so strong it is ripping singles off of the buildings next to us.  Then, the power goes out.  It was only for 10 seconds but it was enough to freak everyone out.  That was probably the strongest storm I have ever seen in my life, not that I've seen very many really bad ones.  It dies down after a while and it is enough to make it back to my casa safely, however, I didn't have ANY of my rain gear with me in my classroom.  So, I had to make a run for it all the way back to my casa.  When I get there however, My entire street, it's a cul-de-sac, is flooded. About half the Elders, me included, got in our "regs" (regular clothes) and started splashing around in water.  It was knee deep and freezing cold!  But I wouldn't get that chance again and enjoyed it.  All of us were taking pictures and just having a good time. Some even started playing rugby!  It was awesome and a really good stress reliever. 
Elder Biehn and Elder Everett playing in the rain.

It is starting to get hard as the district leader though.  I'm having a problem with the other elder companionship in my district.  Yea, there is only two companionships of elders, mine and the other one.  Anyways, the other companionship doesn't get along very well.  They have opposite personalities and are always fighting.  It is driving me insane.  I pray for patience but it is difficult because it is the same elder that starts it every time.  He has the mind set that he is always right and tries to justify himself whenever he is caught in the wrong.  Those are the kind of people that get under my skin the most.  But I know that I need to find a way to cooperate with him because there will be plenty more people to come that are the exact same.  If I can do it now, it'll be so much better in the future. Plus it's my job as a district leader to love and care for everyone in my district the same. 

On another note, my Spanish is getting really good but only when it comes to gospel doctrines.  For example, we have these practice investigators that we have to teach lessons to and me and my companion had prepared this great lesson on the restoration.  However, when we meet with him and asked if he read the scriptures and prayed, he told us he didn't feel worthy.  Me and Elder Everett both look at each other and put our notes on the ground and start teaching him about the Atonement.  Completely no prep work at all and teaching off of the spirit.  It was definitely one of our better lessons we've had. 

I know that Heavenly Father is helping me.  I feel his hand helping me to learn the language and learning to feel the spirit.  How else would I be able to learn more Spanish in two weeks than I did in two years of High School Spanish? I can feel the spirit more and teach with even greater power because of it.  It may be hard at times, really hard, but I know what I'm doing is the right thing to do and that not only me but my family and all my loved ones will be blessed for it.  I love you all and I really enjoy reading everything you write to me every week.  Adios, you will hear from me again next week.