Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5, 2015 - Week 1

Well 1 week down, 103 more to go. This has been a really CRAZY week so far. It was hard at the beginning but I`m getting used to it now. This week has definitely been a struggle, from the airport all the way up until now. Right now is really hard, I'm not a person that cries very often but this definitely did the trick. My P-Days are on Thursday so that is the only time I am allowed to e-mail, take pictures, etc. Ok, so here goes the review of this week.

The plane ride to Salt Lake City wasn't bad because there was another Elder on the plane with me that I knew. Once I landed in the Salt Lake Airport, I was so glad to see my Uncle waiting for me at the gate. That definitely helped out a lot. I hadn't eaten anything that morning so we stopped to get some airport McDonald's breakfast. Then it was straight to the next plane ride. The one from SLC to Mexico City SUCKED. It was so long and we were all packed in there. I had met other missionaries on the plane ride, there were like 24 (I didn't actually count) of us on the plane. I tried to get some sleep but that wasn't going to happen so I just sat there, in the same spot, not moving, for 4 hours. Not Fun. But that's not the end. We get into the terminal to check in and I couldn't understand a thing. None of the signs and especially none of the airport workers. Ridiculous. After all the check in and baggage check, we meet up with the people there to pick us up. They had a bus so the Elders load all the luggage and we get on board. Driving in Mexico City is the scariest thing ever. Their thought process is "Just Go For It." I swear our bus was inches away from cars, other buses, buildings, even people. I was scared going through Mexico City, it just looks really run down and nasty. But the MTC, it was beautiful! its amazing the view. I thought it would be all trashy but no, its really nice here. The MTC was an even harder part of the day. Getting to the MTC we had to go through a ton of orientations. What it means to be a missionary, how they act, they gave us all our books and supplies, and told us our houses. They gave us all water bottles because the water isn't safe to drink. We need to be constantly filling up our bottles from water jugs they have set up all over. I honestly couldn't remember half of the stuff they said. I met my companion while we were waiting. His name is Elder Everett. He's from Utah. Well my group had got there late so we left our stuff and went to dinner at 6. I had this weird kind of flattened chicken patty on hard buns. definitely cafeteria food. It was a hard day but all the Elders there kept saying "make it to Sunday" and they were right. After dinner, I took my luggage to my "Casa" and unpacked. I open my suit case and these heart sticky notes are everywhere! Thanks family, that was a tear jerker as well, but in a good way. I unpacked my suitcase and meet my roommates. There are four of us in a room and we sleep on bunk beds. Night was well welcome because I was so tired and it was probably the worst day of my life so far. I went straight to sleep at 10:30, bed time. 

Ok now that I have explained that, I can kinda summarize everything else. Lets just say that I have the utmost respect for all you missionaries out there right now, because this was hard.

My second day was full as well. More orientations and classes start. The morning was rough, I pretty much had a breakdown. I thought "Why am I here? Why am I doing this? I can't do what I want to do. My whole schedule is planned out for me." I realized I just need to keep myself busy and not think about it. I actually had fun in my first class because I met my district and teacher. It turns out that it is just us 4 elders and then 6 sisters. I tried and failed at having a conversation with some natives. It was hilarious because they knew as much English as we did Spanish. I honestly fell asleep for the rest of the orientations that day. Then came the district meeting that night. we met our branch presidency and rest of our zone. Every district needs a district leader and guess what, It was me. That day wasn't as bad as the day before.

It steadily gets easier and easier throughout the week. But the Elders were right, just make it to Sunday. I am speaking so much Spanish right now, it is crazy! We get a practice investigator so we can start practicing giving lessons in Spanish. It awesome, me and my companion are able to give entire lessons in Spanish! I know that the Lord is helping me there because I know more Spanish in two weeks than I did in two years of High School Spanish. I learning to love the language and the people. I love my district. They are awesome and it really helps to have them around.

I've already had to settle some disputes as the district leader. The other Elder Companionship fights often because they are completely opposite personalities. One is a know it all that always has to be right and the other is always sarcastic. It honestly never ends with them but I sure hope they find some way to fix it. I talked to both but it didn't seem to do anything.

The days go by so fast now. I'm enjoying my Spanish classes, I working on reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover (and I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm in Mosiah right now.) Gym time is my favorite because there is a weight room here. I enjoy that a lot. And we play volleyball as a district all the time.

I'm loving it here and I love my District, 13-A. I feel the Spirit so much and I can even bear my testimony, teach a lesson, and pray in Spanish. I'm learning so fast. I definitely feel the Lord's hand in everything I do. I know He loves me and is helping me every step of the way. If it is ever tough, I know I just need to kneel down and pray to Him and ask for his help. Not to just take the burden away but to help me through it. I can learn so much more but enduring to the end and I see that now. Every trial we have is to help us. Not because God wants to punish us but because He loves us and wants to see us grow and turn to him whenever we are struggling. Trials are how we grow and learn, and he will always be there beside us to help. All we need to do ask for it.

I'm loving my mission and I look forward to doing this again next week. I love you all and you'll get to hear from me a week from today. I've included some pictures of my adventure so far.
My companion Elder Everett and I at the CCM.
The elders in my district.
Mi casa.  
Our district at the Mexico City CCM.