Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27 - Elder Biehn, Washington DC South

Hi everyone!

Another week has come and gone and I'm still here doing the same thing. The only thing that will begin to change now is who I teach, and the amount of Spanish I know. Which, I can say have both been improving. Normally, my trainer just starts talking and next thing I know we are full swing in the lesson. But now I'm able to understand, and I actually participated in the lessons!  This really is what it is all about, teaching the people and seeing them learn and grow with me. I learn something new in my studies then I'm able to teach it to someone. Getting rejected is also a big part of it.

It's cold enough to wear my sweater.

For example, we have a less active member and we have been trying to see him ever since I got here. I think we have stopped by his house about 4 times and he was never home. It was always his wife that would answer the door. Then on the 5th time, I decided I would knock this time and he opens the door! That is what you call greenie power! We're able to talk to him and kind of develop a friendship then we get down to the real stuff and do the restoration. We wanted to give him what he has been missing out on. Elder Oran was basically doing all the talking and I was just trying to keep up. Then I catch a part, "I wouldn't ever feel the spirit when I go to church." BAM! That my cue. I finally pipe up and I share my testimony on my past experience with church. I felt the same way he did before. But that's because I wasn't actively being a member of the church. I didn't study the scriptures, I wouldn't be praying, and I wasn't trying to better myself. Then once I came out on my mission and I started doing the things I needed to, I enjoy every bit of the gospel. Especially attending church. He justsat there and nodded at me. I don't know if he took it to heart, but it was more for me than anything else. I not only realized what I have learned but I gained the confidence I needed. I thought "who cares if I don't say it perfect. If I can get my point across then I had better do it in my broken Spanish." That is when things really turned around for me. When I bore my testimony in Spanish on the spot and realized that if I just open my mouth and talk then I'm fine. Besides, if I mess up I can just pull the "I'm white and I'm learning card." Normally they want to help because here is this white kid who is thousands of miles from home trying to learn about their language and their culture.

I also found a brand new investigator this week. It is our first one that we found as a companionship and I understand where the love missionaries have for their investigators comes from. She has a catholic background so she had no idea about the restoration or anything. We taught a 3 hour lesson! She has so many questions for us and we were able to teach about the restoration, Book of Mormon, and she still wants to know more. I am so excited for her because we got her address, phone number, and a return visit scheduled. It definitely looks promising. We also taught this other couple and I had a part in that lesson too. While we were teaching, for some reason they didn't want to pray as a family. So I remembered reading something about that and I was able to find 3 Nephi 18:20-21. It was the perfect scripture, and then they committed to it. Score!

I got a haircut this week from one of the members.
Today, I had my first zone activity and it was so fun! Our whole zone got together, English and Spanish, and we had lunch and played volleyball. Something I haven't done for more than two weeks! I missed playing volleyball every day in Mexico and this was a good way to get to know my new zone. I met everyone and we had a good time eating, playing around, and hanging out. It really reminds me of how it would be if we weren't on our missions and we were all friends just hanging out. Then at 6 o'clock it's back to work.

I'm really enjoying my mission now and I don't see very much changing in the future. But now I will be sharing my spiritual experiences from throughout the week instead of how it is so different. Until next Monday, adios! Nos vemos!

P.S. I got a haircut this week from one of the members and it actually got cold enough that I had to wear my sweater. I have never had to wear one with my church clothes before.

Elder Biehn