Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016 - Elder Biehn's Weekly Update

Hey guys!

Wow I had quite the week! A LOT happened but first off I want to say happy Mother's Day since I didn't do that in my last email. I got to talk with my family again yesterday and that was something I sorely needed. I can't believe though how fast time went in between Christmas and Mother's Day! But I loved being able to talk to my family again. And the best part is this was my third time calling home. Now I just have one more left! That's super weird! Now I just have to wait until Christmas.

Ok. Now for the stuff that made this week such an eventful one. It was pretty crazy. So I do an exchange with Elder Thompson since that's my job as district leader, I need to go on exchanges with every elder in my district. Today happened to be his turn to come to me. We exchange and then me and Elder Thompson head over to go pick up a member that agreed to come out with us for the night. That member was Gerardo, pretty much my best friend in the mission.  So it's us three in the car having a good time and our lesson cancels so we go try some potentials. We get to one house that I've tried before and had a doorstep lesson with. Well, we get there and a different lady answers the door, so I do the door approach over again. It was going pretty good, she invited us in and we started having a good-ish lesson. She really liked going off on tangents and basically explaining everything she knows about the bible when I would ask a simple question. That set some alarms off in my head, saying be careful otherwise this will become bible bashing. Well, it did. Turns out this lady was Pentecostal and they LOVE to bash.  After sharing what we could with what little time she gave us to speak, it just all went down hill once we mentioned Joseph Smith. She said, "Oh, you're Mormons" and then she went off on us. She was saying everything from Joseph Smith is a false prophet and a liar (that really made me mad) to we were going to hell for believing such things (that infuriated me). And then mind you this is all in Spanish and poor Elder Thompson is sitting there only getting bits and pieces because he's been in the mission for two weeks! So I end up just standing up and saying we need to leave and we left. 

But the night gets better! That was probably the worst part of the week but we had an awesome experience after that. We went to go try another potential that I had planned for the night, but they weren't there. Well, in zone conference that same morning I learned that God puts us somewhere for a specific reason. It may not be what we expect it to be but we gotta find it! So I normally would have just left to go try another potential, but I felt as though we needed to go knock on the apartment door right above us. So I head to that door and I just tell them "I feel like we need to knock this door." And it was funny because Gerardo leans over to Elder Thompson and says, "Get ready to see revelation at work." And it did! We found this awesome family and we had a great Restoration lesson! Even better is that there wasn't a man home but we could still go in because Gerardo was with us. It worked out perfectly! So it was a great experience for Elder Thompson, and me for that matter, because we got to see both ends of the spectrum. The people that are so hard-hearted and set in their ways, then the people that God has prepared for us to meet. 
The is Gerardo the day he opened his call.

So remember how I was talking about Gerardo? After this whole night we take him back home and drop him off. No big deal. Well, we get a call from him about 3 minutes later and he tells us he just got his call in the mail. That's right, his mission call! He opened it 3 days ago and he is going to San Jose, California! I can visit him when I get back from my mission!  He leaves in a month so I'm really going to miss him, and his sisters are going to as well. Speaking of his sisters, one of them is my recent convert and the other one is going to be baptized this Sunday! So I'm super excited for that to happen. This is definitely a tender mercy from Heavenly Father because exactly one year ago is when I started teaching her and her sister. She just couldn't be baptized because she was under 18. But now she just had her birthday and can get baptized! Coincidence?? I think not!

Oh yeah, and one of the members took us all out to lunch.  Pretty Sweet!
So overall, it was an awesome week. And next week will be even better because there will be a baptism as well!

I love you guys and I love this work! It's been going great! Talk to you next week!


Elder Biehn